Who I am and why I’m here

Of course I am here because I have something to say.  Everyone’s life is a story, mine is no exception, and that story should be told.

In the late ’70’s and early ’80’s, Morris Massey, a noted motivational speaker and sociologist, had a series of lectures based on the model: “What You Are Is Where You Were When.” In his lectures to businesses, “Massey investigated the role of the past by explaining the three self-programming periods each young individual goes through in developing a value system. These gut-level feelings guide our adult behavior, determine our world view, and influence how we feel about what is normal and abnormal.”

It’s often said that we’re a culmination of our life’s experiences. Everyone has an opinion about anything and everything, and I am no different. It’s not my intent to change anyone’s world view – not that I could if I wanted too – with my writing, as I don’t believe people’s opinions are shaped as much by someone else’s views, as much as their own life experiences.

Like most people, I have a local, national and world view on topics I am passionate about. Similarly, I enjoy reflections about things that are satirical, sarcastic, and nonsensical, in some cases spoofs, but still having some relationship to “Where I Was When.”    Sometimes I hold a “glass half empty” view, and other times I may take the view of the  glass being “half full.”  Either way my writings will be reflective of the deeper meaning of who I am.

While I believe our world views are not often altered or transformed by what others think or believe, I do believe – myself being no exception – we can be motivated, encouraged and even inspired by what we read.

I am a retired businessman living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Born in 1950, I am of the Baby Boomer generation, which means I am among the largest group of senior citizens in the country’s history. Being retired, means I have lived a few years, and my life’s experiences will be reflected in my writing.

Thanks for stopping by.

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