Like most people, I am a product of my environment. When I was born, where I grew up, received my education, are all environmental factors – like it or not – that has shaped my life.  The social norms of the time, like the Civil Rights movement, cast a broad shadow on my view of the world I was born into and grew up in. My interest and entry into the world view of politics, was decreed upon me by the Vietnam War. A war that begun in 1954, when I was four years old, and ended in 1975, after I had gone through elementary school, high school, college and two years after I had entered the workplace.

The above factors, for what it worth, means I was born exactly half-way into the Baby Boom generation. This means I am among the largest, most well-educated, most technologically savvy and perhaps the wealthiest and have more purchasing power than any other group of senior citizens in the history of the country.

I worked as a mid-level manager in a Fortune 50 company, left to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship, spent five years in social service as a high school technology teacher, re-entered the business world as the owner of a home services company. I am married, once divorced, have an adult daughter with a career in the medical field.

I am now retired and live Charlotte, North Carolina

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Horizon Medium is a platform for a conglomeration of communication outlets. These outlets include various social media platforms, blogs, written and speaking.

This site will play host to a sundry list of local, national and world issues we are passionate about. On the serious side, we want to articulate our thoughts in a thoughtful, unorthodox, and critical-thinking kind of way.  Similarly, our readers can expect to enjoy expressions about things satirical, sarcastic, and witty; and, in some cases, stuff people do and say that’s simply moronic.

Notwithstanding the social issues and topics, but who we are as human beings are areas we will explore.

While we believe we don’t often, or easily, alter our world views based on what others think or believe, we do believe we can be motivated, encouraged and even inspired by open, honest, respectful and thoughtful dialogue.

It’s often said that we’re a culmination of our life’s experiences. Everyone has an opinion about anything and everything, and we are am no different. It’s not our intent to change anyone’s world view with our writing, as we don’t believe people’s opinions are shaped as much by someone else’s views, as much as they are by their own life experiences.

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