America First – A Race to be Last!

Wow. This is the future.

While trump is leading us down a path of isolationism, better known as “America First”, China is crafting an “inclusion” plan to connect their part of the world and become a world economic, and subsequently, a military power as well.

All we have is Amtrak, that clugs along at 40 MPH while the rest of the world speeds along on “super” high speed rails. SMDH!

Okay, so they’re spending trillions of dollars. Well, we have corporate America and the wealthy a trillion dollar tax cut, and we spend almost a trillion a year on the military industrial complex.

Hell, we spend almost a trillion a year on “for profit prisons”.

We are being left behind by our blindness political leaders who are trying to convince us that all we need be concerned about is a stupid trade deficit.

Sure the trade deficit with China is important, but that’s because they’re leading the world in production of consumer goods.

And, that’s because we’re a nation of consumers. We buy more stuff than we make. . I. E. , smartphones. We all have them but none are made here.

We’re walking around with our heads down, texting and tweeting, and have no clue the world is speeding past us at warp speed.

And, that’s because we allow American companies to move their production abroad, to places like China, then buy/import them back, thereby, increasing the so-called“trade deficit”.

It’s the country’s love affair with our multi-nationals and willingness to let them do whatever the hell they want, all because they have bought and sold our politicians.

When we get to the point we’re at now, where 2% of the wealthiest people in the world has more wealth that the bottom half – or 150 million Americans – we have to admit, that’s not sustainable.

The biggest con game of this modern area is our politicians and our government’s willful propaganda of having us believe we’re the greatest country in the world.

That may be true in a military sense, but if anyone believes we’re going to hold that position for long – of of its even true now – has already been bamboozled.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not mad at China as our political leaders, even the Democrats would have us believe. They are spineless and ignorant as well.

Who I am and why I’m here

Of course I am here because I have something to say.  Everyone’s life is a story, mine is no exception, and that story should be told.

In the late ’70’s and early ’80’s, Morris Massey, a noted motivational speaker and sociologist, had a series of lectures based on the model: “What You Are Is Where You Were When.” In his lectures to businesses, “Massey investigated the role of the past by explaining the three self-programming periods each young individual goes through in developing a value system. These gut-level feelings guide our adult behavior, determine our world view, and influence how we feel about what is normal and abnormal.”

It’s often said that we’re a culmination of our life’s experiences. Everyone has an opinion about anything and everything, and I am no different. It’s not my intent to change anyone’s world view – not that I could if I wanted too – with my writing, as I don’t believe people’s opinions are shaped as much by someone else’s views, as much as their own life experiences.

Like most people, I have a local, national and world view on topics I am passionate about. Similarly, I enjoy reflections about things that are satirical, sarcastic, and nonsensical, in some cases spoofs, but still having some relationship to “Where I Was When.”    Sometimes I hold a “glass half empty” view, and other times I may take the view of the  glass being “half full.”  Either way my writings will be reflective of the deeper meaning of who I am.

While I believe our world views are not often altered or transformed by what others think or believe, I do believe – myself being no exception – we can be motivated, encouraged and even inspired by what we read.

I am a retired businessman living in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Born in 1950, I am of the Baby Boomer generation, which means I am among the largest group of senior citizens in the country’s history. Being retired, means I have lived a few years, and my life’s experiences will be reflected in my writing.

Thanks for stopping by.