Trump’s Slow Burn to Totalitarianism

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

Totalitarianism is:

When the state seizes property and paraphernalia, quashes ideas and voices from individuals and groups whose oppose its views.

I’ll say again, these are the types of SLOW BURN actions that go unnoticed by the populous, and then we wake up one day and turn on the TV set and the only channel we can get is STATE TV, better known as FOX lies. When this happens, trump like so many of the despots he admires, and like Hitler, will direct our daily lives as they wish it to be.

What beats the hell out of me is, all of the right-wing blow hearts, pundits, Republican politicians and state run media outlet called FOX, who has vehemently opposed government overreach for the last 50 years, seemingly find no problem with the governments seizure of these face masks being mailed to young people by #BlackLivesMatter.

There was nothing offensive, nothing vulgar, nothing anti-state and nothing terrorist about these face masks. These were being mailed to young people to help protect them from contracting Covid-19.

There were a lot of German people who say nothing wrong with what Adolph Hitler was doing in his early stages of racist ethnic propaganda and ethnic cleansing of the Jewish people, when he seized control of the press, criminalized and punished dissent[ers] and confiscated all communications outlets that were not in favor of his Nazi message.

As a matter of fact, many Germans cheered him on and went about their days and lived their lives as though absolutely nothing was wrong. Sort of like what we are doing now.

They (the German people) all thought what Hitler was doing was okay as long as it was “the other people” he was targeting. The hate-filled right-wingers and trump supporters feel that way currently. As long as trump’s actions trashes Jews, Mexicans, Blacks, other brown and black people, the right is good with his tactics and overwhelmingly supports his march to totalitarianism.

Fast forward to present day. The right-wing nuts, and other lovers of trump are as misguided as the Germans were, if they believe trump cares about them. Those raging nut cases will not become part of his inner circle, any more than those aforementioned ethnic groups he so despises.

Of course, we all know he does not. It is his consumption of power and using that power to further line his pockets and push all of his personal immoral ideologies.

This is a frightening parallel to me.

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