About Us

Like most people, I am a product of my environment. When I was born, where I grew up, received my education, are all environmental factors – like it or not – that has shaped my life.  The social norms of the time, like the Civil Rights movement, cast a broad shadow on my view of the world I was born into and grew up in. My interest and entry into the world view of politics, was decreed upon me by the Vietnam War. A war that begun in 1954, when I was four years old, and ended in 1975, after I had gone through elementary school, high school, college and two years after I had entered the workplace.

The above factors, for what it worth, means I was born exactly half-way into the Baby Boom generation. This means I am among the largest, most well-educated, most technologically savvy and perhaps the wealthiest and have more purchasing power than any other group of senior citizens in the history of the country.

I worked as a mid-level manager in a Fortune 50 company, left to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship, spent five years in social service as a high school technology teacher, re-entered the business world as the owner of a home services company. I am married, once divorced, have an adult daughter with a career in the medical field.

I am now retired and live Charlotte, North Carolina

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