JSU Bounces the “bully” Southern University – now we can move on.

Well, it’s all over. The most anticipated game of the season, in my opinion, ended with a blast. I won’t lie, I was filled with anxiety.

This week was one of the most fun-filled weeks I have ever experienced, as a JSU alumnus or as a student.

Southern University is one of two schools that gave me high anxiety about a win.  Now that we have beaten them, I honestly feel we can go undefeated.

Saw may disagree with me; however, Southern really needed to be shut out, or beaten by 50 or 60 points. Their belligerence, unsportsmanlike conduct, and fan hostility are just some of the things I have disdain for. Honorable mention, Coach Robinsons’ behavior after the Alabama State game.

This childlike behavior by Southern fans goes back 50 years – back when I was in college. There was always harassment Southern’s students and a fight or two was always the norm.

I say this, because with all of the hype and attention being brought on the SWAC and HBCUs, in general, I hate to see childlike behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct by coaches and fans alike, become the center of attention.

SWAC rivalries and smack talking nothing new. Southern University is technically not one of our rivals – in my opinion. The game always brought a lot of hype, but Alcorn has always been our top rival.

Take, for example, Alcorn State University. Our rivalry goes back decades with them, and every time we play them, either at home or in their backyard, it is truly a great experience and a class act.

There is an old Chinese proverb that says: “He who laughs first will be laughed at last.”


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